Immigration Bond Hearing Attorney in New York, NY, and Newark, NJ

Certain non-citizens are detained due to their immigration status but can often be released through a bond hearing with the help of an established immigration bond lawyer.  Nicklaus Misiti of the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLChandles criminal immigration matters and bond requests in New York and Newark.  His team of attorneys diligently works to prepare a bond application and file it with an immigration judge to get your relative or friend out as soon as possible.

If your family member or friend has been detained or has an ICE hold than they need representation immediately.  It is not uncommon for ICE to transfer the person out of state and serve them with their notice to appear at immigration court there.  If this occurs they will need to fight their case in that state, thus it is important to have legal representation immediately to ensure they are released or given an immigration bond immediately.

Some immigration detainees may be released on their own recognizance.  The minimum bond is $1500 but usually, the bond is set much higher.  If you do not have proper representation in the New York or Newark courts your bond may be denied or you may receive a very high bond.  If you are granted a bond and you cannot pay it, it is not the end, as our team of attorneys can request a bond redetermination hearing and fight to lower it.

Some individuals are not able to be released and are subject to mandatory detention, however, it is not uncommon for ICE to incorrectly determine they are subject to mandatory detention.  In this case an attorney will need to request what is called a Joseph Hearing and argue your case in front of an immigration judge.

Attorneys at the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC are experienced in criminal immigration matters and will aggressively fight to get you the lowest bond possible.  Many clients who have been detained have benefited from the help of Nicklaus Misiti of Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC and his representation throughout he bond process.

If you have a family member or friend who is detained and you are trying to help them regain their freedom the most important thing that you can do is hire an experienced immigration attorney.  Nicklaus Misiti of the Law Offices of Nicklaus Misiti, PLLC always makes himself available to fight your case.  His firm understands how crucial it is to immediately file for bond and begin the process of securing your loved ones release. You can reach him at (212) 537-4407 or via his website to set up a  telephonic consultation.

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